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VIP SLIDE allows the construction of French windows and windows of the lift / slide type with opening of two or more doors with capacities up to 300 kg each.
Using most of the accessories and profiles of the lifting / sliding version it is also possible to create sliding windows with aluminum / wood profiles.
VIP SLIDE benefits from all the technical solutions derived from the experience gained with the sliding series in line and incorporates some innovative details, such as the robust expansion brackets that ensure a perfect and very resistant assembly of the doors, the lower guide accessory equipped with a mechanism that ensures the automatic cleaning of the track and a perfect sliding of the leaves, the advanced drainage system of the rainwater.

The relatively small dimensions of the profiles and the shapes with an appreciable aesthetic line allow the insertion of the fixtures in any architectural context.
Type of system: Lifting sliding door with two or more

aluminum / wood solution doors
Extruded profiles: Aluminum alloy 6060 AL MG 0.5 SI 0.4-FE 0.2 as per UNI EN 573 standard
Delivery condition: T5 according to the UNI EN 515 standard (TA equivalent 16)
Dimensional tolerances and thicknesses: UNI EN 12020.

2 and / or UNI EN 755-9
Air, water and wind seal: with seal in E.P.D.M.
Thermal cut: with 28 mm polyamide bars on the door with 40 mm polyamide bars on the frame
System dimensions: Fixed frame section mm 168. Frame Door section 51 mm. Overall section mm 168
Glass seat height: 20 mm
Glass insertion: glazing bead with snap hook. Glass insertion up to 44 mm
Wood application: Using special nylon cam clips, insert in rigid PVC base
Thermal resistance: Calculated with finite element software



Windows made of extruded profiles in 6060 aluminum alloy (EN 573-3), with supply status T5 (EN 515) and tolerances on dimensions and thicknesses according to UNI EN 12020.2 and / or UNI EN 755-9.
The fixed frame will have a depth of 92 mm. and the mobile door of 54.5 mm. including the thickness of the wooden shapes. The sections having a fixed frame function will have a tubular structure, so as to possess suitable strength and keep the track on which the door carriages slide rectilinear.
The air and water sealing system will be implemented by:
Toothbrush gaskets with a central polypropylene fin, with the function of minimizing frictions during movement, mounted perimetrically on the doors inside the appropriate seats.
Double brushed gasket inserted on each central meeting profile, for a better resistance to atmospheric agents.
With regards to air, water and wind resistance (UNI EN 42-77-86), windows and doors must guarantee sealing classes no less than those indicated below:

Air permeability: class A3

Water tightness: class E4

Resistance to the wind: class V3




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