Minimal sliding: maximum light, maximum safety, minimum visual impact.
Elegance and optimal performance are put at the service of living comfort with an exclusive design. Sliding from the essential lines that contributes significantly to the increase of natural light inside your home.
The "hidden door" system ensures an increase of the glazed surface compared to traditional sliding doors: the visible surface of the frame is only 68mm and 77mm and the central node is less than 38mm.
The minimal slide Domal is a real answer for buildings with optimal energy performance without neglecting the important aspect of safety, the sliding of the Aliante line has an anti-intrusion resistance class RC3 according to the European standard EN 1627-30.





The system allows to obtain different configurations, combining fixed parts with moving parts. It is also possible to realize large dimensions, up to h.2,7 m and l.4,5 m (2 mobile wings) with maximum load of the leaf up to 300 kg. Available in 2-track version (2-3-4 doors) ) and 3 tracks (3-6 doors). 2 Tracks In all solutions a hidden drainage is applied. TO

The new sliding lift able to meet architectural and performance requirements for large sliding doors

Lift up sliding

Dogma DAS170, by Indinvest LT, is an excellent system for sliding sliding doors in aluminum, with 75 mm section doors able to house glass with sections up to 60 mm and competitive Uf values.
With Dogma DAS170 it is possible to create large mirrors. That's why Indinvest preferred to test a sample with measures 4500 x 2400, about 11 m² in standard configuration, which gave excellent results such as: air permeability class 4, water resistance E900 and wind resistance class B3.
The system provides for all types of possible opening including a concealed solution. During the implementation phase, the reduced central node and the 90 ° corner closure, door leaf. The basic configuration of the system, provides flow rates of 300 kg, increasing to 400 kg.
Two types of cremone bolt for closing, both with pins and hooks.
The true innovation of this system is in the versatility of use. In fact, the various configurations foresee that the frames can be combined with both 45 ° and 90 ° cuts, with the exception of the 3-way solution.
The opening types can be realized with a single door profile that has a double door / upright function in the case of a fixed + opening configuration; furthermore, it is possible to realize this latter solution even with identical doors, using appropriate fixing accessories, to lock the door on the frame.
All this allows the windowmaker to opt for the choice of configuration both in relation to the workshop layout, and according to the characteristics of the job order. The thermal transmittance data of the Dogma DAS170 confirm that the Dogma family really represents the evolution of the thermal break in the aluminum windows of the Indinvest house. This is demonstrated by the values ​​ranging from Uf 1.3 W / m²K (fixed side node) to 2.9 W / m²K (of the central node) which can fall to Uf 2.3 W / m²K using appropriate insulating inserts.
We conclude, with a reference to the further step that Indinvest LT is moving, bringing news regarding the machining solutions which, for the new systems, foresees the adoption of the press and mold method.



Floor-level track ...

thermal break, new sliding lift able to satisfy architectural and performance requirements for large sliding doors




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