Our company proposes itself on the European market in an innovative way, proposing a product designed to withstand bad weather and reduce
ordinary maintenance interventions, consequently also reducing costs.

HOME. di Pericolini Valter was born as a craft company, founded by the current owner Pericolini Valter in 1974, based on the construction and installation of aluminum frames. The professionalism that distinguishes it is also acquired by children who, with the same seriousness and dedication, work within the company.

After several years of experience, also to adapt to the needs of the market, it was decided to invest in the acquisition of new CNC machines, but more importantly, it was decided to develop a new and innovative product by taking over a new company, ALUTREND, which offers aluminum gates of exceptional strength and strength, gates to be considered "eternal".

Our profiles are made of 6060 primary extruded aluminum alloy, both tubular and solid. The thickness starts from a minimum of 4 mm for the sheets and from 1.5 mm to 20 mm for the profiles that vary according to the types to be made.

The two-leaf swing gates are tested and certified up to a maximum width of 8 meters in class 2; for the sliding model, however, for a maximum width of 12 meters in class3.

All the hinges used are made with a central stainless steel pivot pin, brass bushing, adjustable wall fixing plate and steel eyelet, all equipped with a grease nipple and adjustment thicknesses in stainless steel.

The ornamental elements of our production and supply are made of cast and die-cast aluminum, and locked to the profiles by welding or threading. All screws or bolts used are made of stainless steel.

Each of our products is made by pulsed arc welding and tig, in order to guarantee durability and stability over time.

Our series includes various types of linear gates, arched, and upon request both one or two leaf and sliding doors. The series is completed with the line of fences and railings for linear, arched or inclined balconies, all in harmony with the same style of the gates, with profiles of the same design but of reduced size.

The second type of gates and fences produced by us are made with squared profiles, starting from full extruded material, using ornamental elements and creations in beaten aluminum, all joined and locked with aluminum rivets that reflect the style of the old artisan tradition.


In addition to the standard models, it is possible to carry out special processes and drawings on sheet metal, according to the customer's requests.

After assembly, welding and cleaning, our gates are subjected to a sandblasting process with silica sand and corundum, then they are washed and degreased with solvents and acids, dried in the oven, to be finally subjected to electrostatic application of powders polyurethane of the chosen color and placed in oven at 200 ° for 20 minutes.

All this process is done online, in order to guarantee high quality and a 10-year warranty on both structural and painting defects, with insurance coverage of REALE MUTUA insurance.

Lastly, we remind you that our products are CE marked with serial number, installation manual, use and maintenance, ensuring the traceability of projects over the years.

This is ALUTREND today: Italian artisan quality, technology, entrepreneurial innovation and products, guaranteed by forty years experience in the aluminum sector and assisted and controlled by highly specialized personnel.




Via del Puglia
Loc. Bivio Pomonte
06035 Gualdo Cattaneo (PG) Italy

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