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Codice 52100 lamiera chiusa

Vuoi proteggere la tua casa con stile? Il nostro cancello a battente in alluminio è la soluzione perfetta per te! Personalizzabile al 100%, il cancello si adatterà perfettamente alle tue esigenze e desideri per fondersi con la tua proprietà.

Il nostro cancello può essere motorizzato per un maggiore comfort di utilizzo. Il cancello AMBRA 52100 LASER è un prodotto di alta qualità, pronto per l'installazione. Tutti gli accessori necessari per l'installazione sono inclusi per facilitare il processo.

Il nostro cancello in alluminio è verniciato a polvere e si adatta a tutti i climi, garantendo resistenza e durata nel tempo. Inoltre, il prodotto beneficia delle etichette Qualicoat, il che significa che è stato sottoposto a rigorosi controlli di qualità per garantirne la massima affidabilità.

Scegli il nostro cancello a battente in alluminio per proteggere la tua casa con stile e sicurezza. Contattaci per maggiori informazioni e per richiedere un preventivo personalizzato.

Codice  52100 lamiera chiusa


Il cancello modello AMBRA è la scelta perfetta per chi cerca un prodotto resistente e dal design curato. Realizzato con alluminio saldato a TIG e arco pulsato, questo cancello garantisce robustezza e durabilità nel tempo.

I profili laterali sono realizzati in alluminio pieno con una lavorazione di tornitura per alloggiare perfettamente la cerniera, mentre i profili perimetrali e orizzontali sono in scatolato di alluminio del diametro 40 mm x 40 mm con spessore delle pareti di 3 mm.

Le lance e le aste modello GIGLIO sono realizzate mediante pressofusione con stampi in acciaio, garantendo un aspetto curato e privo di difetti. Inoltre, il profilo di battuta centrale in alluminio pieno di 50 mm x 5 mm applicato mediante vite in acciaio inox, assicura un'ottima stabilità strutturale.

I pannelli in lamiera di alluminio spessore 3 mm e le pinze di fissaggio lamiera in alluminio realizzate con profilo pieno diametro 40mm x 8 mm, rendono questo cancello resistente agli agenti atmosferici e ai graffi.

La verniciatura termo laccatura certificata dall'etichetta QUALICOAT, assicura una qualità superiore per il manufatto esterno, mentre tutte le vite e i bulloni sono realizzati in acciaio inox.


4)Hinges with related aluminum plate covers. 

1 )Central stop stop on the floor, in aluminium. 

1 )Cisa standard electric lock (superimposed model).

1 ) Booklet  minstallation manual.

1 )Installation, use and maintenance manual.

1) UNI-EN certifications + gate serial number.


Gate  AMBER model made of TIG welded aluminum and pulsed arc.

- Hinge side profiles in solid aluminum 40 mm x 40 mm, with turned machining for hinge pin housing.

- Perimeter profiles and horizontal profiles in aluminum box with a diameter of 40 mm x 40 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
- GIGLIO model lances in aluminum made by die-casting with steel moulds, giving a neat and flawless appearance.

- GIGLIO model temple decoration in aluminum made by die-casting with steel moulds, giving a neat and flawless appearance.

- Central abutment profile in solid aluminum 50 mm x 5 mm applied by means of a stainless steel screw.
- Vertical rod profiles in round boxed aluminum diameter 20 mm, wall thickness 2 mm.
- Panels in 3 mm thick aluminum sheet.

- Clamps for fixing aluminum sheet made with full profile diameter 40mm x 8mm.

- Thermo-lacquering certified by the QUALICOAT label,  ensures superior quality for the external product.

- All screws and bolts made of stainless steel.

High quality craftsmanship, lots of attention to detail

Aluminum fixing plate cover
Valve to grease the hinge
Brass bushing
anti-wear for aluminium
40mm x 40mm solid aluminum
Die-cast aluminum lance
Round  20 mm in aluminum
Boxed 40 mm x 40 mm in aluminum thickness of the walls 3 mm

It sounds obvious, but in order to reduce the chances of your gates being the wrong size, it's crucial that the measurements you provide are as accurate as possible.

If you're measuring between existing posts or columns, be sure to take readings at ground level and at least 1 closer to the top. Be careful to have the tape held level across the driveway when doing this, and ask someone to help you.
It's always helpful to visualize what the gates will look like. A quick sketch can help pinpoint any potential problems such as slopes or walls. Try drawing the gates from the street side with your property in the background.
Take into account any slopes and record them on a plan view (i.e. looking from above). In particular, you need to find out if the surface of the unit slopes upward in the area where the gates will open inward. If you get it wrong, you run the risk of the gates hitting the ground when opening. Laser levels are usually available at small tool rental establishments and are easy and accurate to use. It's also a good idea to check if existing columns or posts are upright with a spirit level.


(TO)Measure between the columns horizontally at the three points indicated in the image.

It is advisable to get help from another person.

(B)Measure the heights at least 100 mm below the top cap of the column. 

It is advisable to get help from another person.

Here are our good reasons to choose our aluminum gates:

1) Aluminum gates are light and strong, and once powder coated they are very resistant to corrosion.

2) Leading manufacturer of welded aluminum fence gates and balustrades, we use high quality products 

3) Made for you. Each gate is custom designed to your individual specifications. Once you place an order, we will draw your project in CAD. This allows you to get an accurate idea of what the gate will look like and also provides the technical information needed for installation.

4) Perfect for automation Our gates are perfectly suited for swing or sliding automation systems. The light weight of our aluminum gates means you don't need heavy automation and your automation should last longer.

5) Without maintenance. Other than an occasional wash, they are maintenance free. They won't warp, rot or split like wooden gates, and they won't rust or need galvanizing like steel gates.

6) Economical Aluminum gates are an economical and superior alternative to other types of gates of similar design. They will also last longer.

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