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        recinzioni  balaustre ringhiere

La recinzione in alluminio e il cancello sono strumenti essenziali per proteggere la propria casa e garantire la privacy, ma possono anche essere un elemento di design per abbellire l'esterno della propria proprietà. Come produttore di recinzioni, ringhiere e balconi dal 1972, siamo specializzati nell'utilizzo dell'alluminio per creare pannelli e recinzioni di alta qualità, dal design elegante e duraturo.

Ci occupiamo della progettazione e produzione di recinzioni in alluminio su misura, offrendo collezioni con stili diversi per soddisfare ogni esigenza. Siamo sicuri che troverai la recinzione perfetta per il tuo ambiente.

Alutrend aluminum fences and railings :

Beautiful, modern and classic and suitable for every need ...

Aluminum fences are the last frontier of outdoor design: beautiful, functional and resistant, they delimit the gardens of homes with elegance and lightness.

The main function of fences is to provide protection. However, in addition to ensuring safety, external fencing structures are clearly an integral part of the house's design, its architectural and aesthetic identity. Therefore, when possible, it would be very nice to be able to combine protection and safety needs with aesthetic ones through fences able to protect and at the same time decorate the house.

Railing and fence panels,

Made with square columns of 50mm x 50mm x 3mm wall thickness.

With fixing foot (front fixing is possible on request) and hood.

20mm vertical round bars and 2mm wall thickness.

The rods or plates are applied in the frame with a diameter of 30 mm x 30 mm 3 mm wall thickness, the profile is similar to the door profiles.

The vertical and horizontal rods are fixed using a pulsed arc welding process.

The balcony and balustrade covers will be supplied with our standard degreasing and powder coating process.


It has everything a traditional wrought iron fence, except iron ... The Tradition range combines the modernity of aluminum with the authenticity of old world fences, of which it respects the codes and character.

2013-10-15 09.30_edited.jpg


The privacy model fences limit visibility and ensure greater privacy and security of your home.This line of fences characterized by aluminum panels, allows you to create effective protection from the sun, but also from rain and wind


La recinzione in alluminio Alutrend, con il suo design moderno, unisce l'estetica contemporanea alle eccellenti prestazioni tecniche dell'alluminio. La gamma Alutrend è stata appositamente creata per arricchire e valorizzare l'aspetto della tua casa. Grazie al suo stile elegante e alla durabilità dell'alluminio, questa recinzione aggiungerà un tocco di classe al tuo spazio esterno.

recinzione in alluminio C.png


Unendo l'estetica di un design moderno e le prestazioni tecniche dell'alluminio, la gamma PLUS è ideale per impreziosire e valorizzare la tua casa. Recinzioni PLUS : un'offerta standard con tempi di consegna brevi.

Maintenance of the aluminum fence

An aluminum fence is resistant to corrosion and weathering. Unalterable, the aluminum fence therefore does not require any specific maintenance, even in hostile environments.

This material has a very long shelf life, especially since it is infinitely recyclable.

A simple wash with soapy water is enough to take care of the gate and fence.

Solid or perforated: which aluminum fence to choose?

Straight or domed, each ALUTREND aluminum fence model is available with perforated, semi-open or solid. It is up to you to determine the type of fence that best meets your needs:

  • Completely insulated from the outside, to make you safer or out of sight: only a solid fence or with slatted slats will completely fulfill this mission.

  • Fence your property to delimit its perimeter or prevent your dog from escaping: you can opt for the design you like best, full, semi-open or perforated.

Aluminum fence: precautions to be taken before installation

Before any permanent external development, it is necessary to consult the PLU (Local Urban Planning Plan) of your municipality. Some materials or colors, in fact, may be prohibited by local urban planning regulations, in favor of projects more in harmony with the general architecture of the municipality. Sometimes it is also possible to adjust the height of the fence.

If the aluminum fence is visible from the street or is on the property boundary, a preliminary declaration of employment may be required. Check with your installer.

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