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Enter the world of Alutrend and discover the Modern and Contemporary collection of custom-made aluminum gates. Beauty meets functionality with these modern gates, available in different variants such as sliding, cantilevered, swing and pedestrian.

No matter what your style, we have the right finish and color for you, so your gate fits perfectly into your surroundings. And with the strength of aluminium, our gates will remain beautiful and functional for years, without requiring any maintenance.

Choosing Alutrend means choosing tranquillity, safety and elegance for your home. Thanks to the exclusive use of aluminum, we offer the best gate products on the market. Aluminum is a highly resistant material that does not require much maintenance and its smooth surface makes cleaning easier.But that's not all, aluminum is also sustainable and can be 100% recycled, helping us reduce our environmental impact. Plus, its light weight makes installation a breeze, saving you time and money.Look no further, Alutrend is the perfect choice for a modern, elegant and functional bespoke aluminum gate. Contact us today for more information on our aluminum gate products.
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Collection                                               Extreme

If you are looking for a gate that stands out from the crowd, Alutrend's Extreme range is the answer to your needs. With a modern and captivating style, this range represents the ultimate in aluminum gate design and functionality.

Alutrend was at the origin of this range, managing to combine modern aesthetics with the properties of aluminum, creating very high quality products that represent the top of the range in the sector.

With the Extreme range, you won't have to sacrifice style for function. These aluminum gates are designed to last over time, withstanding bad weather and atmospheric events, without losing their attractive appearance.

In addition, the Extreme range offers a wide choice of models, finishes and colours, so you can customize your gate to perfectly suit your style and home.

                   Open  Go

Do you want a gate that combines modern style and functionality? The Alutrend OPEN GO range is the answer to your needs!

Thanks to its captivating design and the quality of the aluminum used, this range is the ideal choice for those looking for a gate with a contemporary style that is resistant over time.

Alutrend has been able to take the modern style and adapt it to the properties of aluminum, creating products of the highest quality that represent the reference on the aluminum gates market.

Trust Alutrend for a high quality, resistant and modern design aluminum gate.

We are proud to offer you the best products on the market and the OPEN GO range is the result of years of experience and research

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Collection                                                       Doga

If you are looking for an aluminum gate with a modern and captivating style, the MODERNO DOGA range by Alutrend is the right choice for you.

Thanks to the quality of the materials used and the innovative design, the MODERNO DOGA range represents the reference point on the aluminum gates market.

Alutrend was the company behind this range, taking up and adapting the modern style to aluminum to create unique and high quality products.

The MODERNO DOGA range offers a vast choice of models, finishes and colours, to satisfy every need and adapt perfectly to your style and home. Thanks to the resistance of the aluminium, the gates in the MODERNO DOGA range are able to withstand bad weather and atmospheric agents, without losing their modern and captivating appearance over time. Furthermore, aluminum is an ecological and 100% recyclable material, making Alutrend products also sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Do you want to add a touch of elegance and modernity to your home or office?  Then the ALUTREND LASER range is the perfect choice for you!  These aluminum gates are characterized by an innovative and sophisticated design, the result of Alutrend's experience and creativity. The ALUTREND LASER range is not only beautiful, but also functional and reliable.  Our aluminum gates are resistant to bad weather and adverse weather conditions, thus ensuring a long life. Choosing a gate from the LASER range means choosing a high quality product, capable of satisfying your aesthetic and functional needs. Thanks to its elegance and solidity, the LASER gate adapts perfectly to any architectural context, from the most modern to the most classic style. Let yourself be conquered by the ALUTREND LASER range and discover the beauty and reliability of our aluminum gates. You will not regret!

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If you love the charm of the past but don't want to give up on modernity, the Alutrend RANCH range is the right choice for you!These aluminum gates combine the elegance and style of the gates of the past with the resistance and lightness of aluminium.The RANCH range offers a vast choice of models, able to satisfy every aesthetic need.Whether you prefer a classic or a more modern design, you are sure to find the perfect gate for your entrance.The gates of the RANCH range are made with high quality aluminum, resistant to atmospheric agents and the passage of time. Furthermore, they do not require any particular maintenance, thus ensuring a long life over time.Choose a gate from the Alutrend RANCH range and give your entrance a touch of class and timeless elegance.

Let yourself be conquered by the beauty and robustness of our aluminum gates, and transform your entrance into a work of art!

"Design                                                           captivating"

Come and discover the wide choice of aluminum gate models offered by Alutrend! We are proud to offer a wide range of options to choose from, which suit the different needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for a swing, sliding or freestanding pedestrian gate, we have the perfect model for you.

What's more, our range of aluminum gates is the largest on the market, meaning you can find everything you need to suit your specific needs. We are able to offer you the best combination of quality and price for your budget.
But we don't just limit ourselves to gates. We've also developed a huge range of outdoor layout products, including lighting solutions, fencing and more, all designed to create the perfect environment for you and your family. So no matter what your style or specific needs, we're sure to have the perfect solution for you.

Come and discover all that Alutrend has to offer and transform your outdoor space into a welcoming and functional environment. We are ready to help you create your dream home.
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