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Welcome to our company, where innovation is our mantra and quality is our philosophy. We are proud to present you our revolutionary product which is changing the game on the European market. We have studied the market behavior and the needs of our customers to create a product that meets all the requirements.
Our product has been specially designed to withstand the elements, even the most extreme weather conditions, without compromising quality or effectiveness

Le nostre collezioni

"Scopri il futuro con i cancelli in alluminio saldato Alutrend! I nostri cancelli sono un mix di innovazione e resistenza, realizzati con profili da 5 mm per garantire robustezza straordinaria. Da aperture imponenti fino a 8 metri per quelli a battente e 6 metri per quelli scorrevoli, offriamo soluzioni su misura.

La durabilità è garantita grazie alla saldatura certificata, levigatura in 3 fasi e verniciatura a polvere Qualicoat classe 2 super resistente. Ma non ci fermiamo qui: realizziamo cancelli unici, dal design elegante a opere d'arte architettoniche. Se hai in mente qualcosa di speciale, trasformiamo la tua visione in realtà, offrendo anche un servizio di progettazione su misura gratuito.

Investi in bellezza e durabilità con i cancelli Alutrend. Ogni cancello è un'opera d'arte progettata per resistere al tempo. Scegli Alutrend e apri le porte al tuo sogno!"


Our profiles are made of extruded 6060 primary aluminum alloy, both tubular and solid. .
The double swing gates are tested and certified up to a maximum width of 8 meters in class 2.

For the sliding model, on the other hand, for a maximum width of 5 meters in class 3.
All the hinges used are made with a central pivot in stainless steel, on a brass bushing, an adjustable wall fixing plate and a steel eyelet, all equipped with a hole for a greaser and stainless steel adjustment shims.

The ornamental elements of our production and supply are made of solid aluminum casting and die-casting, and locked to the profiles by welding or threading. All screws or bolts used are stainless steel.

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Saldatura certificata

Each of our products is made using pulsed arc and tig welding, in order to guarantee durability and stability over time. Our series includes various types of linear gates, arched gates and, upon request, swing gates with one or two leaves and sliding gates. The series is completed with the line of linear, arched or inclined fences and railings for balconies, all in harmony with the same style of the gates, with profiles of the same design but smaller in size. The second type of gates and fences we produce is made with squared profiles, starting from full extruded material, using ornamental elements and wrought aluminum constructions, all joined and blocked with aluminum rivets that recall the style of the old artisan tradition.

Verniciatura certificata

After assembly, welding and cleaning, our gates are subjected to a sandblasting process with silica sand and corundum, then they are washed  and degreased with solvents and acids, dried in the oven, for finally be subjected to the electrostatic application of polyurethane powders of the chosen color and placed in the oven at 200° for 20 minutes. This whole process is done online, in order to guarantee a high quality product.
Finally, we remind you that our products are CE marked with serial number, installation, use and maintenance manual, guaranteeing the traceability of projects over the years.
This is ALUTREND today: Italian artisan quality, technology, entrepreneurial and product innovation, guaranteed by forty years of experience in the aluminum sector and assisted and controlled by highly specialized personnel.



 Each gate is drawn with Auto Cad
For each order placed by the customer, as a matter of practice we will draw the gate with the measurements and model requested by the customer. Once the drawing has been made, it will be sent to the customer, verifying that the measurements and type of gate are correct. Once verified that everything is correct, proceed with signing and stamping the order and returning it to the company. Subsequently we will proceed immediately to put the order into production. The production of each order will be delivered with a minimum of 40 days excluding transport days.
Each gate will be packed in a workmanlike manner, using pallets and coverings in polystyrene, cardboard and 4 mm MDF wood.

Trasporto e installazione

The range of services offered by RHENUS LOGISTICS SpA is very broad and has a global coverage. Tracking and tracing shipments is an essential element to ensure transparency and reliability for our customers.

Process analysis and strategic planning of activities represent for RHENUS LOGISTICS the starting point adopted when we present tailor-made solutions to our customers.

We never underestimate the requests of our customers, we dedicate our time and energy to arrive at a project that fully satisfies the required needs.


Certificazioni UNI-EN

We are proud to present our certifications, which guarantee the quality and safety of our Alutrend gates. These certifications are the result of our constant effort to provide reliable and safe products to our customers.

In particular, our certifications confirm the resistance of our gates to bad weather and wind pressure, mechanical stability, safe opening and manoeuvrability.


We are confident that our customers will appreciate the security and peace of mind of knowing they have a reliable product.

Furthermore, our attention to our surroundings is an important value for us. Confirmation of the absence of the release of dangerous substances during the use of our gates also guarantees safety for the surrounding environment.

In summary, our certifications are the guarantee of the quality and safety of our products, for the benefit of our customers and the surrounding environment.

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Scopri la vasta gamma dei nostri prodotti sfogliando i nostri cataloghi completi ! Da articoli di alta qualità a soluzioni innovative, troverai tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per soddisfare le tue esigenze. Esplora le pagine ricche di dettagli e immagini accattivanti, e lasciati ispirare dalle ultime tendenze e novità.

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