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Aluminum gates collection for architecture

"Discover perfection in modern architecture with Alutrend's aluminum gate collection. We are proud to present the ideal solution for those looking for an impeccable combination of security, elegance and practicality. Our bespoke gate range offers sliding, cantilever sliding, swing and pedestrian, specially designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.Choosing Alutrend means you have the freedom to personalize your gate with a large selection of finishes and colours, ensuring it blends seamlessly into its surroundings, creating an impression of style and class. A major benefit of aluminum is its low maintenance. Thanks to its natural resistance to rust and corrosion, our aluminum gates will remain beautiful and functional over the years without requiring costly maintenance. maintenance.Moreover, cleaning will be quick and easy, thanks to the smooth surface of the aluminium. Entrust the safety and elegance of your outdoor space to Alutrend, and discover the perfect harmony between design and functionality."

Linea design

equitone-linea-facade-panel-hand-h (1).jpg

Welded aluminum gates with design panels[ LINE ] is a 3D fluted material that interacts with light and shadow to create an ever-changing face.


Bold and directional, the architects appreciate the gate with the design panel[ LINE ]for its ability to match for modern buildings.

The panel has a very unique 3D shape, which creates interesting plays of light and shadow.


In fact, it has linear reliefs that highlight the rough internal structure of the ecological fiber cement. At various times of the day, the different angles of sunlight give the material a different appearance.


The panel is mass-colored without varnishing, it has a natural look and for this reason different shades of color are possible on the panels. The surface of the slab is characterized by fine sanding lines and small white spots.

design [ linea]
[ linea ]Finitura  LT 90
[ linea ]Finitura  LT 60
[ linea ]Finitura  LT 20
 in step with the times!

The design panel [ LINEA ] is a unique facade material, shaped in 3D and colored 
en mass, which creates an interesting play of light and shadow. Characterized by a sandblasted finish, with shades of color recurring naturally in the panel, it comes with linear reliefs that highlight the texture 
rough interior of ecological fiber cement. At various times of the day, the different angles of sunlight give the material a different appearance. The panels are 10 mm thick, 
Finishing: 3D effect with longitudinal grooves in relief. 
Appearance: modern, dynamic. Characteristics: the panel takes on a different appearance at various times of the day depending on the inclination of the light.
The design panel [ LINE ]  is available in 3 colors

Panel colors  [line] are available in three colors: LT20, LT60 and LT90.
Panel technical specifications [ line ]

Finish:Structured, with reliefs, 3D effect

Appearance:plays of light and shadow depending on the time of day.


  • fire resistance (do not catch fire, do not spread fire)

  • soundproofing

  • resistance to temperature extremes and frost

  • water resistance (when installed in accordance with installation guidelines)

  • resistance to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, bugs, parasites, etc.)

  • resistance to many chemicals

  • eco-sustainable, no harmful gas emissions

  • solidity and lightness

Welded aluminum gates collection for architecture

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