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Aluminum gate

We are pleased to present our ZOELIE model aluminum gate, a product we are really proud of. However, we want to point out that we have recently introduced our latest gate to the market, the DOGA gate, which is sure to leave you speechless.

The DOGA gate is characterized by a modern and contemporary design that adapts perfectly to any context. Made from 4mm thick sheet metal, this gate has been expertly created using laser technology. Thanks to this precise workmanship, we can guarantee a superior quality and optimal resistance.

The elegant aesthetics of the DOGA gate are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any setting. We know how important it is to have a secure entrance, but we also believe the visuals should be just as impressive. With the DOGA pedestrian gate, you don't have to compromise: you get both security and extraordinary aesthetics.

By choosing the DOGA pedestrian gate, you are ensuring a superior quality entrance, making you feel safe and making your outdoor area visually stunning. Don't settle for anything less than the best - invest in the DOGA gate and enjoy an exceptional entry experience.

FOX   Pedestrian

The FOX pedestrian gate has been specially designed to offer a combination of security and style in any setting. Its small rods, spaced a few centimeters apart, give the gate a modern and contemporary look. This distinctive design adds a touch of elegance to any context in which it is installed.

One particularly nice aspect of the FOX gate is the attention to detail in its design. Each element has been carefully curated to ensure that the gate blends harmoniously into its surroundings. This feature allows the gate to be adapted to various architectural and landscape styles, both in residential and commercial contexts.

FOX   Swing

The Fox two-leaf swing gate was designed with the aim of offering safety and elegance in any context. The small rods, spaced a few centimeters apart, give the gate a modern and contemporary look. The attention to detail in the design allows the gate to blend harmoniously into its surroundings.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Fox gate also offers reliable security. The doors are made with robust and resistant materials, able to resist atmospheric agents and any break-in attempts. The solid structure of the gate guarantees protection and peace of mind for users.

FOX   Sliding

The FOX side sliding gate is the ideal choice for those looking for safety and style in any context. With its small rods, spaced a few centimeters apart, the gate has a modern and contemporary look. The attention to detail in the design allows the gate to blend harmoniously into its surroundings.

In addition to its elegant appearance, the FOX sliding side gate also offers a number of features that guarantee maximum safety. Its solid and robust construction provides reliable protection for your property, preventing unauthorized access. You can rest easy knowing that the gate is designed to withstand external forces and unwanted intrusion.

FOX   Fence

The fence of the same height as the FOX gates was designed with the aim of offering security and style in every situation. Thanks to the small rods, spaced a few centimeters apart, the gate has a modern and contemporary look. The attention to detail in the design allows the gate to blend harmoniously into its surroundings.

In addition to the elegant aesthetics, the fence gate of the same height as the FOX gates offers a number of features that guarantee reliable protection.

FOX continued


The ALUTREND brand specializes in the design of design property solutions. Their focus on quality, elegance and innovation is reflected in every product they offer. FOX gates are designed to blend harmoniously into designer environments, offering security without compromising the overall aesthetics.

FOX's design philosophy is based on the balance between function and style. Every detail is taken care of with precision to ensure that the gate is not only a security element, but also a work of art in itself. High quality materials, refined finishes and clean lines are common features of FOX gates designed for designer properties.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, FOX gates offer a series of advanced features. Innovative technologies are integrated into the design, enabling automation and remote control of the gate for a convenient and safe user experience. The materials used are selected for their durability, resistance to atmospheric agents and easy maintenance, ensuring that the gate maintains its beauty and performance over time.

Customization is another crucial aspect of designing FOX gates for designer properties. The range of models, sizes, finishes and accessories available allows owners to choose the solution that best suits their aesthetic preferences and the specific needs of their property. Whether it's a minimalist stainless steel gate, a gate with artistic elements or a gate with unique details, FOX offers options to satisfy every design desire.

In summary, FOX gates designed for designer properties offer a perfect combination of functionality, style and customization. With their attention to detail and innovation, they are able to meet the needs of individuals looking for high quality security solutions that blend harmoniously into their design environment.

Product features

The thermo-lacquered paint provides a finish resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays, thus ensuring a long life and easy maintenance.
TIG and pulsed arc welding guarantees a perfect seal and greater mechanical resistance compared to traditional welding.
The gate is designed to withstand the elements and open stresses, making it an ideal outdoor solution.
The aluminum structure makes the gate light, but sturdy and resistant at the same time.
The combination of welded and painted aluminum profiles with stainless steel elements provides excellent resistance to corrosion and rust.
The structure of the gate is designed to guarantee high stability and resistance over time.
The choice of high quality materials and careful workmanship guarantee an excellent quality product that can last for a long time and maintain its aesthetic appearance over time.


Our company  uses a standard painting process for its products. The process includes several stages such as sandblasting, washing, drying, application of qualicoat polyester powder, baking and cooling. The company stands out for the painting of the disassembled parts of the product, in order to guarantee a greater coverage of the visible surfaces and a better quality of the treatment.

For areas with a higher risk of oxidation, the company offers an additional treatment with an epoxy primer before powder coating, to increase the seal.

We recommend the use of standard, embossed or rough colors to avoid some imperfections due to the manual processing of the product.

The company recommends ordinary six-monthly or annual maintenance, depending on the installation area, which involves cleaning and washing the painted surfaces with neutral soaps to eliminate any atmospheric deposits from chemical treatment industries, saltiness, and lubricating the moving parts .

Choose  the type
of coloring




Electric lock

"Elettrika" is a safety solution for opening and closing our gates.
It is certified up to grade 6 Security of the European standard EN 14846 and guarantees high resistance to burglary thanks to the rotating hook deadbolt.
Furthermore, it is equipped with a steel protection shield to prevent access to the internal components of the lock.
The lock has an automatic re-closing function with the Booster Plus module and a light signal that indicates the status of the door. The reloading system reduces the noise of the lock opening, and the rotating hook deadbolt guarantees immediate closure and the self-adjusting strike recovers misalignments over time. Furthermore, the "hold open" function allows you to manage the flow of accesses, and in the event of a malfunction of the remote control, it is possible to open the gate manually. 


Our  profiles from
we patented

We are proud to present our patented profiles, made with pure 6060 aluminum primary alloy. Our attention to quality is reflected in the choice of this alloy, which guarantees robustness and long-term reliability.

Our profiles are used for the construction of our gates and are characterized by a thickness of 5mm. This feature gives our products a higher resistance than those made with standard profiles.

We are committed to providing high quality and superior performance solutions to our customers, and our patented profiles are one of our greatest achievements in this area.
Trust our experience and our attention to detail for the realization of your projects.



Diameter 60mm x 60mm. Wall thickness 5mm


Diameter 60mm x 60mm. Wall thickness 5mm


Diameter 60mm x 60mm. Wall thickness 5mm


Diameter 60mm x 150mm .

Wall thickness 5mm

On request
stainless steel handles



We have continuously improved our hinges to ensure the best possible performance. Thanks to our in-house design and the advanced technology used in their manufacture, our hinges offer greater strength and durability, even in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, their precision manufacturing ensures simple and precise installation, without the need for complex adjustments. Thanks to our attention to detail, our hinges allow you to adjust the gate with ease, ensuring an effortless user experience and smooth and efficient operation over time.


cover plate

We have continuously tried to improve our hinges to offer the best performance and aesthetics. After the adjustment process, our hinges are finished with a cast aluminum cover plate, designed to withstand the elements and last a long time. The aluminum plate cover is available in various colours, so you can choose the one that perfectly matches your gate, giving it an elegant and modern look. The plate cover not only offers a perfect aesthetic finish, but also protects the internal parts of the hinge from wear and corrosion, thus prolonging the life of the hinge itself. With our aluminum cover plate, you not only get a high-quality and functional hinge, but also a design element that will add a touch of class to your gate.


ALUTREND specialists are committed to providing their customers with the best aluminum stationery products on the market, using only the most advanced manufacturing techniques. In particular, our team of experts carries out a work of great precision and attention in the welding of our aluminum gates, using cutting-edge techniques such as pulsed arc and tig welding.

Thanks to the use of these latest generation welding techniques, our products are characterized by high resistance and stability over time, which guarantee excellent durability over the years. Furthermore, pulsed arc and tig welding allows to obtain a precise and superior quality welding, without compromising the aesthetics of the final product.

Our aluminum gates are therefore the ideal choice for those who want a product of quality and reliability over time, without sacrificing elegance and design.


At ALUTREND we are convinced that product quality is a fundamental element to ensure customer satisfaction, and for this reason we constantly invest in research and development of the most advanced production techniques.

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We are proud to present our certifications, which guarantee the quality and safety of our Alutrend gates. These certifications are the result of our constant effort to provide reliable and safe products to our customers.

In particular, our certifications confirm the resistance of our gates to bad weather and wind pressure, mechanical stability, safe opening and manoeuvrability.


We are confident that our customers will appreciate the security and peace of mind of knowing they have a reliable product.

Furthermore, our attention to our surroundings is an important value for us. Confirmation of the absence of the release of dangerous substances during the use of our gates also guarantees safety for the surrounding environment.

In summary, our certifications are the guarantee of the quality and safety of our products, for the benefit of our customers and the surrounding environment.

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