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 "  Big Gate "
Africa in Ghana

Explore the majestic sliding aluminum gate of extraordinary size, crafted with perfection by our company, ALUTREND. With a width of 6000mm and a height of 4000mm, this gate embodies excellence and grandeur.

The secret of this masterpiece lies in the details: LAMINAM EFFECT marble panels, which cover the gate, giving it timeless elegance. This exquisite design transforms the gate into a true work of art, making every step through it a unique experience.

Our focus on perfection is also reflected in the aperture simulation we conducted with our engineers. We have dedicated time and resources to verify the design, making sure that every movement of the gate is smooth and trouble-free. The end result is a gate that blends form and function flawlessly.

It is no coincidence that this extraordinary gate was commissioned by a well-known African businessman from Ghana. His vision for elegance and grandeur is perfectly reflected in our creation. Ghana hosted our team for an inspection and we are proud to be back to install this beautiful gate.

We can't wait to share with you the extraordinary images of the installation on the prestigious building. You will witness how ALUTREND's sliding aluminum gate will blend harmoniously with its surroundings, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

Let yourself be captivated by the timeless charm of this extraordinary gate and get ready to admire the perfect union between innovative design, craftsmanship and superior quality materials. ALUTREND invites you to live a unique experience that combines aesthetics and functionality in a surprising way....

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