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 "  Model ELISA "

Immerse yourself in the world of perfection and innovation with the ELISA model aluminum sliding gate, an extraordinary creation made by us, ALUTREND. This gate caught the eye of a reputable Georgia design firm, who tasked us with creating an unparalleled masterpiece.

With a width of 6500 mm, this gate stands out for its versatility: half of its structure is dedicated to a sliding opening, while the other half has a swing opening. However, we wanted to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our valued customer. Therefore, we have included a small door to allow easy pedestrian access. Our commitment to excellence is manifested in our ability to adapt and exceed our customers' expectations.

But the real magic happens thanks to the NICE engine. All the openings of the gate, both the sliding and the swing and even the wicket door, have been automated with the reliable and innovative NICE technology. This means that every movement of the gate is perfect, smooth and effortless. It doesn't matter if it's a question of opening the gate to welcome guests or accessing it comfortably through the wicket door, comfort is guaranteed thanks to the NICE motorisation.

We are proud to present this extraordinary gate that combines aesthetics, functionality and practicality in a surprising way. Working closely with the Georgia design firm, we were able to create a work of art that exceeds all expectations. Every detail has been taken care of with the utmost precision and attention, because we know that design is not just about aesthetics, but also about the experience of those who use it.

We are excited to show you this gate in action. Seeing it open effortlessly, revealing its magnificence, will be an unforgettable experience. With ALUTREND and the NICE motorisation, you enter the future of gate automation, combining style, comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Get ready to embrace the timeless elegance of ELISA, where every movement is a gesture of perfection. Enter a new world of design and functionality that only ALUTREND and NICE can offer you.


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