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Per l'architettura

Cancelli in alluminio saldato

"Scopri la perfezione nell'architettura moderna con la collezione di cancelli in alluminio di Alutrend. Siamo orgogliosi di presentare la soluzione ideale per coloro che cercano una combinazione impeccabile di sicurezza, eleganza e praticità.

"Discover perfection in modern architecture with Alutrend's aluminum gate collection. We are proud to present the ideal solution for those looking for an impeccable combination of security, elegance and practicality. Our bespoke gate range offers sliding, cantilever sliding, swing and pedestrian, specially designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.Choosing Alutrend means you have the freedom to personalize your gate with a large selection of finishes and colours, ensuring it blends seamlessly into its surroundings, creating an impression of style and class. A major benefit of aluminum is its low maintenance. Thanks to its natural resistance to rust and corrosion, our aluminum gates will remain beautiful and functional over the years without requiring costly maintenance. maintenance.Moreover, cleaning will be quick and easy, thanks to the smooth surface of the aluminium. Entrust the safety and elegance of your outdoor space to Alutrend, and discover the perfect harmony between design and functionality."
Costruzione moderna

Swing gate

The aluminum door consists of two fronts that open like a front door. These open inwards (at home) or outwards (the street).

It is the most suitable solution for difficult or small terrain, where installing an aluminum sliding portal is not an option. It also allows for a wider opening than a sliding alm portal.


Sliding gate

Consisting of a single flap, the sliding gate opens by sliding sideways on wheels along a track.

Generally motorized, it is particularly functional and offers faster opening.

Requires a playing surface slightly larger than the portal width.

canc.a sbalzo.png

Cantilever sliding gate

Consisting of a single flap, the sliding gate opens by sliding sideways without the help of wheels

without track on the ground, leaving free the passage of cars and heavy vehicles.

Generally motorized, it is particularly functional and offers faster opening.

Requires a playing surface slightly larger than the portal width.


"A gate that embodies the essence of perfection: our [TECTIVE] panel welded aluminum gate. Carefully created using a batch-dyed ventilated facade material, this gate is an elegant symphony of textures and colors. Its sandblasted and slightly striated surface catches the eye, while the subtle nuances of color give the panel a natural and charming appearance.With a design that blends harmoniously with its surroundings, this gate is an icon of refined and modern style. Welcome guests with a touch of class, thanks to our [TECTIVE] gate."

Welded aluminum gate with panel [ TECTIVE ]

tective qhhhh.png


Welded aluminum gate with panel [ LINE ]

"Surprises the eye with its modern elegance: our welded aluminum gate with panel [LINEA]. Masterfully crafted using 3D molded and batch-dyed material, this gate creates a fascinating play of light and shadow. The linear reliefs , expertly arranged, magically transform with every turn of the light, giving the facade a unique and breathtaking appearance. Capturing the eye of anyone who approaches it, this gate is the epitome of contemporary beauty."


Welded aluminum gate with panel [ NATURE ]

"Explore the perfect balance between beauty and function with our unique [NATURA] panel welded aluminum gate. Crafted from a batch-dyed material, this gate lets you glimpse its internal structure, adding a touch of mystery and charm. The matte finish gives the gate a natural look, while the smooth and velvety surface gives it a touch of elegance.Every detail has been taken care of with precision to create a unique piece, which blends harmoniously with its surroundings.Choose our gate [NATURA ] and let yourself be conquered by its timeless beauty."

tective  TE 20a.png


Welded aluminum gate with panel [ PICTURE ]

"Enter the world of modern elegance with our stunning welded aluminum gate with panel [PICTURE]. Made from an innovative environmentally friendly fiber cement material, this gate offers an environmentally sustainable solution for your facade. The ultra-matte architectural finish gives the gate a sophisticated and contemporary look, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled sophistication. Choose from our wide range of matt colors, available on request, to meet your every design need and to bring your most creative ideas to life. With our gate [PICTURE], you will be able to create an architectural work of art that will stand out for its beauty and sustainability."



Welded aluminum gate with panel [ TEXTURA ]

"Enhance your outdoor space with our exquisite welded aluminum gate with [TEXTURA] panel. The panel of this gate is a real masterpiece, featuring a glossy grained surface that catches the light beautifully. With a double layer of acrylic paint and a hot-melt top-coat effect finish to the front, this gate not only gives a luxurious and long-lasting finish, but it is also dust resistant, keeping its beauty over time.The rear of the panel receives a varnish transparent protective, ensuring complete protection.Add a touch of class and sophistication to your outdoor environment with our exclusive gate [TEXTURA], creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance."

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